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Design & Development

Rapid part development and testing that doesn't cut any corners​

We listen to our customers and actively look for challenging opportunities to better our capabilities and further our expertise. With NX / Catia / Advanced Mold Flow – Cool and Warp Analysis and FEA – CAE capabilities, Axiom provides complete “Black Box” design and engineering support.
Engineering CapabilitIES

Your end-to-end part design solution

Axiom Group’s engineering and development teams offer complete product design services along with modular prototype development, manufacturing feasibility and optimization, assembly and additional testing, and validation services. We offer our engineering services within each of our international divisional group locations

State of the Art

Pushing boundaries in manufacturing

At Axiom, all of our divisions invest in the latest manufacturing methodology, systems, equipment and training. We believe that investing in the best methods and technology are vital to moving the manufacturing industry forward. Our commitment to this belief contributes significantly to our growth as a company and continued success with clients. World-class manufacturing requires this kind of dedication, and we hold this as one of our core values as a business.

Axiom Group Part Design Software

One source. One responsibility.

Axiom Group offers OEMs the ability to source all major parts from one provider, maximizing production efficiencies and cost savings.

  • Interior trim panel assembly
  • Interior soft skin closeout (2K)
  • Interior trim panel
  • Spoilers (assembly)
  • Exterior decoration
  • Seating trim covers
  • Cowl screen
  • Small trim part assembly
  • Interior latch assembly
  • Electronic module cover
  • Front grill bezel
  • Grill cover (Class A / 2K)
  • Shifter bexel & knob assembly
  • Outlet plug (MIC)
  • Shifter brackets assembly
  • Door check link assembly
  • Window lifter system
  • Sun roof trim rings
  • Acoustic hybrid compression injection
  • HV structural battery bracket
  • Under-seat functional brackets assembly
  • Door closeout assembly
  • Sealing part
  • Spat (2K)
  • Underbody shield / closeout
  • Air management integrated seal
  • Air inlet (Heat stake screen)
  • Air management debris screen
  • Cabin filter box assembly (Molded screen)
  • Filter tray assembly
  • Cabin pressure relief vent (*PPP)
  • Dash seals (2K)
  • Micro-filter (300 um molded screen)
  • Plenum assembly (Molded screen)
  • Filter cartridge (60 um fabric mesh)

Rapid part design, development, and delivery

Put Axiom Group’s vertically integrated design, development, and production teams to work on your next program. No matter what you need, we have the expertise and experience to perform.