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Axiom Group Expands Management Team to Take on Market Growth and Further Engineering Capabilities 

AURORA, ONTARIO, June 15, 2022 – Axiom Group, www.AxiomGroup.ca, is excited to announce the expansion of its leadership team with automotive industry veterans Richard Ishii and Paul Karim.  

In anticipation of a strong growth phase, Axiom Group is proud to welcome Richard Ishii, new Global Vice President of Sales and Business Development, and Paul Karim, new Global Vice President of Operations, to the custom plastic and injection molding company’s executive management team. Richard Ishii and Paul Karim bring 60 years of combined automotive and parts manufacturing industry experience, which will greatly support Axiom’s ongoing investments in design, development, and manufacturing.  

“I am excited to join Axiom Group’s leadership team as we ramp up the growth of our North American footprint,” says Richard Ishii. “Axiom Group is a respected player in the automotive industry, offering our customers a full suite of engineering, development, testing, and manufacturing capabilities with industry-leading quality and delivery.” 

“We are at a pivotal moment in automotive history that demands rapid innovation and production,” adds Ishii. “By joining Axiom, I look forward to helping shape that story by supporting our customers in the development of exciting new products and establishment of strong industry relationships and partnerships.” 

Over the past five years, Axiom Group has seen significant growth and success, with dedicated facilities in three countries for research and design, mold-making, thermoplastic injection molding, and complex assemblies. Now, they are looking to grow again with major investments in production facilities in key auto manufacturing regions.  

“Axiom Group has become known as a leader ready to take on any challenge,” offers Paul Karim. “They were one of the first brands to support part development for electric vehicles and now are key players in global EV production for multiple auto manufacturers. Joining Axiom Group gives me the chance to take part in solving some of our industry’s greatest challenges while finding new ways to serve our clients and the market even better.”   

Axiom Group is proud to welcome both Richard and Paul to the leadership team as they work to grow their global market presence in automotive parts engineering, design, and development.  

About Axiom Group 

Established in 1987, Axiom Group is a leading multinational organization that specializes in thermoplastic injection molding of various components and assemblies. By delivering highly effective solutions to the automotive industry’s biggest challenges, Axiom Group has become a valued global partner. 

With dedicated R&D facilities, high-volume production capabilities in key regional locations, and rapid prototyping, mold-manufacturing, and part design services, Axiom Group has remained focused and committed to the manufacturing industry. 

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